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Features of Mentoring

1. Keep implementing mentorship system
2. Keep implementing learning alert system (start up in the middle of the semester)
3. Host the graduates’ experience sharing talks: To alleviate the students’ helpless feelings about future employment, we invite our graduates who succeed in different professional fields back to the department to share their employment experiences at the annual basis. These sharing talks not only let the current students understand better the possible career paths, but also enhance the connection among the graduates.
4. Offer employment counseling courses: Besides sharing our graduates’ employment experiences in the regular lectures, we particularly offer “Market Analysis of Employment” course for our seniors. It is a course to help our students understand the pros and cons of different career paths from objective points of view, and help them plan their employment paths after graduation.
5. The department alumni association was founded to provide the counseling and communication channels of employment and examinations for our current students. The graduate school alumni association was founded in November 2007.
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